We introduce investors to real estate sponsors.

Fund It 


Sponsorship comes in many forms – organization of long term real estate investments, funding of new construction development projects or sourcing limited partners for assets already owned. We can help you create something new, or build on what you’ve already started.

Here’s how it works:

Create your sponsor profile.
  1. Detail your experience and focus
  2. Develop a presentation for your project with our tools
  3. Outline the references for you and your project
Promote your project.
  1. Chose your project's network from your personal contacts or from RealRite's roster of potential investors
  2. Invite your network to review your project's executive summary
  3. Prequalify your investors via our registration system
Manage your investors post close of escrow.
  1. Upload and distribute property reports and other documentation
  2. Track investor-level investments, ownership percentages, distributions and performance across multiple projects


Fund It!