Who is it for?

RealRite is opening a door to a new paradigm for real estaters – investors, sponsors, borrowers. By connecting real estate’s participants through an open platform, managed by deeply experienced operators, we are creating new opportunity for all parties.


How it Works 1
Individual investors
We created RealRite to open the playing field to all investors. Very limited options currently exist for small investors who wish to invest in income-producing real estate. We prequalify structured real estate investments that welcome investors who wish to focus on specific assets, in your preferred geographic regions.
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Hands shaking Round Button: Real Estate Ownership Sponsors
Real estate ownership sponsors
RealRite provides experienced sponsors a venue for showcasing their real estate investment opportunities while accessing a new population of pre-qualified, potential investors. We represent a fantastic, entirely new.
How it Works 3
Real estate developers
If you develop real estate we can support your projects and expand your scope of work. Or perhaps you prefer equity to today's stringent lending requirements. Our investors are interested in providing equity for real estate development.
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Image of House with Arrows: Sponsors who wish to refinance equity, Realrite
Sponsors who wish to refinance equity
There are times when the motivations of your investors separate from the best interests of your partnership. Or perhaps you simply wish to refinance out a portion of your equity without debt. RealRite can help.